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About Snapchat

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is the fastest way to share a moment on iPhone and Android – up to 10x faster than MMS. You control how long you want your friends to view your messages, and when the time is up the photo is deleted. We’ll let you know if they try to take a screenshot!

What’s the deal with the ghost?

He’s our mascot, Ghostface Chillah.

Who can see the snaps that I send?

You control who receives and views your Snaps by selecting recipients in the “Send to…” screen. Snapchat, Inc. and its employees cannot and do not view your messages.

Is Snapchat free?

Snapchat uses the data plan that you purchase with your smartphone (or WiFi, when available). If your data usage exceeds what is allotted by your plan, you could be subject to additional fees by your carrier.

How do you send a snap to more than one person?

To send a snap to more than one person, select multiple friends in the “Send To…” screen by tapping the grey circles to the right of their names. Then tap send at the bottom of the screen.

How can I add a caption?

You can add a caption by tapping the preview screen after you have taken a snap.

Is there any way to view an image after the time has expired?

No, snaps disappear after the timer runs out. You can save snaps that you capture by pressing the save button on the preview screen.

What if I take a screenshot?

Screenshots can be captured if you’re quick. The sender will be notified immediately.

Disclaimer: Credit to the Snapchat website for this information.

39 thoughts on “FAQ

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  2. Hey!
    Just having dramas logging in I know my password and username and I log in and it prompts me to pick a new username but everything I pick Is invalid? Please help

    • Did anyone ever answe the question to the problem you had?? I’ve been havin the same problem for about a month and I’m get super frustrated.. I have like 30 snapchats waiting for me and would hate to delete the whole app :/

  3. How do I get to the “send to” screen? I’m not seeing any options. I’m not seeing gray circles by my friends names in the friend list

  4. I can’t send snapchats to multiple contacts.
    As soon as I press the grey circle I am asked if I want to send this snap to this person for this long, ok or cancel. I used to be able to send them to more than one person but all of a sudden I can’t.

  5. Please help me change my mobile number on snap chat. I updated the new snap chat and it changed the mobile number to the number where I first made my snap chat

  6. So snapchat felt the need to make my name appear randomly, but its not mine… It’s my fathers name… How do I change that?!

  7. If I edit my name on snapchat am I able to give people that name at then they can snap me? Or do I have to give them my original one?

  8. Hi, my snapchat keeps logging me out. But I am not logging out of it. What can I do to save my username and password so I don’t need to keep logging in everytime I use it?

  9. Can you make an update that creates folders of friends? And these folders when selected, it will send the photo to everyone in that folder. deleting and adding anyone i wish to the folder easily so I don’t have to spend so much time going through and picking who I want to send it to. I think it would make snap chat more enjoyable and a great idea I think myself ;)

  10. My snapchat keeps freezing and shutting down whenever I try and open the app.. If I uninstall it and reinstall it will I lose unopened snapchats and friends? HELPPP :(

  11. One of my snapchats that I have recieved from another person will not open. The snap keeps saying “tap to load” but will not change to “press and hold to view” once I have tapped it. I have had a snapchat unopened and my notification reminds me that I always have 1 remaining.

    What do I do?

  12. I cant log into my account. Keeps saying “Cannot Connect”. Cant dven make a new account.
    Tried restarting the app, redownloading it, and restarting the phone. Nothing works.

  13. hello people in snapchat!, i have a problem, i want to change my settings of who can send me snaps from only my friends to everyone, but everytime i change it, it wont save, anybody knows whats happening or some solution for this??

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