Evan Spiegel

Evan Spiegel is the co-founder, president, and CEO of Snapchat, Inc. He oversees the creative direction of the company and personally hires all new programmers for the development team.

Before starting Snapchat, Inc., Evan and his co-founder Bobby Murphy collaborated to create Future Freshman, a site that revolutionized the way high school seniors applied to college. During his college years he worked for the Stanford computer science lab as a teaching and research assistant.

He first became interested in software development at his Massachusetts high school, where he was president of the computer science club and A/V club. He started developing simulators and video game emulators around 16, and by graduation he had moved on to creating fully coded HTML websites for friends of his parents.

Evan received his bachelor’s of science degree in product design from Stanford University. He serves on President Obama’s Council on Technology and Media, and likes to surf and play with his golden retriever in his free time.


Bobby Murphy

Bobby Murphy is the co-founder and chief technology officer of Snapchat, Inc. He leads the development team in updating and improving the Snapchat app, and assists with hiring new programmers.

Murphy met co-founder Evan Spiegel when he was a junior in college and the pair collaborated on Future Freshman, LLC. This was their first opportunity to work together, and they realized quickly that they made a great team. Their next project was Snapchat, which they launched the year after Bobby graduated.

Since Snapchat is a no-revenue app, Bobby worked as an engineer at Revel Systems designing point-of-sale software for the iPad and iPhone to fund their project until they got Snapchat on the app store.

Bobby received a bachelor of science degree in mathematical and computational science from Stanford University. He serves on the Stanford Alumni Association Board of Directors and likes to play video games against his friends.

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